Cliente: Ms Jane & Mr Alan
País: Malta
Nombre del Tour: Centre & North Vietnam

Hi Jason,

Nice meeting you and everything went very well, with no hickups…so thanks for making our holiday very pleasant and enjoyable…..

My only critism on yr whole service, would be the communication with teh two tour guides……whom are both very nice, pleasant and obliging, always willing to help and explain, but both my wife and I had quite a hard time understanding both of them, and Tam was harder to follow than Thuong. It is not that they cannot speak English, as they have a decent command of the language, it is their pronounceation of certain words that makes it hard an dat times tiring, one does not even bother to ask further questions

As I said, i tell you this so that you can improve yr total product and package which already is very good and good value for money.

Thanks again

Alan Mizzi

Alf. Mizzi & Sons Ltd.
Zachary House
Marsa Industrial Estate
Marsa MRS 3000
Company Reg. C-203

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